Tampabayescapes 6 - Sign Up For 2 Queen Or King for $695

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Thanks to all of you 600 conventioneers for making TBE 5...2013...our best convention yet.

Hi Friends, Host Couples, Sponsors and Vendors,
TBE Is Now Under New Management

TBE 6 will be July 17th, 18th, 19th with check-out on the 20th…..of 2014.
(date's subject to change)

If you want to sign up early for a great room at next July's convention, please contact Doc or his wife (Cindy) at

813-AWE-SOME 813-293-7663

Every now and then please check this site for updates
TampaBayEscapes6, 2014
July 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 2014
(date’s subject to change)

(TBE events are great for Newbies to watch, learn and maybe test the waters in a clean, comfortable, friendly, no pressure environment .... and of course TBE always provides awesome, sensual excitement for Experienced Lifestylers too! Try us once...and you'll be back for more!)

that's ....... 1 (813) 293-7663
You can also email us at ....... or
Info for TBE 6, July 17-20 2014

Our Sixth Annual ............... 4 Day / 3 Night
Complete Hotel Take-Over
National Couples Convention

will be Thursday thru (check-out on) Sunday AM, that's
July 17, 18, 19 & checking out the 20, 2014.
In theTampa, Florida area.

Are you looking to have The Best Time You & Your Lover Can Possibly Have......Ever?!?

that's ....... 1 (813) 293-7663

& sign up today to reserve
Your Favorite Room & Convention Package for TBE 6
This will be a sell-out just like our previous conventions.

To Past TBE Conventioneers.
Hot Damn! TBE 5 was AWESOME!

Thank you for your many, many, compliments and congratulatory emails about the great time you had at our recent

TampaBayEscapes 5 Convention. (Click on the "Conventioneers' Comments" tab at the bottom of this page)

TBE 5 is now part of Tampa's Lifestyles History and an exciting memory for all who attended. We are so sorry we had to turn away so many people who called after we had sold out to our maximum capacity. We hate having to turn folks away but we feel size does matter and too big a venue becomes cold and impersonal.

Those of you who have attended our events in the past know that we prefer hot and intimate.

You folks who have attended our events know us, and you know that we pride ourselves on the reputation we have built for honesty, integrity, and personal attention to our conventioneers. We will continue to offer you a fabulous, exciting, sensual, and memorable experience at reasonable, inclusive prices.

For July, 2014, we had to increase a small amount over last year's prices.

Here are our Prices for TBE 6

Prices for Complete Convention + Your Hotel Room
All prices below are per couple and include: Your beautiful, extremely clean hotel room for 4 days and 3 nights, A very good breakfast each morning, All convention activities, Chances to win great prizes, a delicious Saturday night banquet, and Everything listed on our schedule & website at no extra charge. All rooms have Wi-Fi, hair dryers, small refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers & free parking. This is a BYOB event so you'll save money on drinks....and no tipping.

that's ....... 1 (813) 293-7663

Your payment will only be refundable in the unlikely event that we do not hold TBE 6 for some reason.

A Standard Room which is a normal sized hotel room is --- $695.00

An Executive Room which is larger and has a sofa area for company is --- $785.00

A One Bedroom Suite with a small living room + a separate bedroom is --- $875.00

A Two Room Suite, basically 2 adjoining rooms, with only one entrance is --- $1190-$40=$1150


We also offer a limited number of day & Night Passes (No Hotel Room included) from 10 am until 3 AM. Couple’s only.
Prices per couples are: will be released soon
Thursday $??? ..... Friday $??? ..... Saturday $??? .....
Th & F $??? ..... F & Sat $??? ..... All 3 nights $???....

Free Pizza compliments of TampBayEscapes....Limited Free beer & wine & incredible wings, meatball & more finger food by DREAM PLEASURE TOURS (What a hospitality suite)
Free Coffee and Goodies compliments of Dream Pleasure Tours.

Payment must be received at another location during event. Call 813-AWE-SOME. payment accepted at the other location that will be released before the convention

Be sure to see our dance themes and come dressed for the occasion. Themes are listed in the "schedule" tab. Just click on that tab at the bottom of these web pages. And for after the dance you must dress down for the Play and Hospitality street clothes allowed. Lingerie, boxers & tank tops or t-shirts, nude, semi-nude....but no street clothes. For the Saturday night Mysterious Masked Druid Ball, masks are required. Capes are optional but a definite plus as everyone gets into the ambiance. Then dress down for the Play and Hospitality Rooms. For more info on what to wear see #14 & #15 on the FAQ's tab page.


We want to thank you 600+ conventioneers for attending TBE 5, and for your wonderful congenial spirits, for your fabulous fun filled participation at our dances, playshops, playrooms, hospitality rooms, hotel facilities, vendors, sponsors, food, pool games, dinner groups, early evening karaokes, our Sensual
Massage Sessions, our magnificent Druid Virgins and Druid Masters who graced our Mysterious Masked Druid Ball, our hosts couples, etc. And how about our Entertainers and that standing ovation for the Dominatrix of Ditties!!! Wow! MARK MAZE FROM TOMS TRIPS

We also want to thank you for your enthusiasm, sensuality, continued support of TBE, and most of all, for your friendship.
Please tell your friends about what they missed and suggest they sign up now so they don't miss out on all the fun for......
TBE 6.

See you July 17th thru 20TH, of 2014!

Here Is What To Expect At TampaBayEscapes 2014
(all are subject to change)

We are in the same awesome hotel that we used the last FOUR years for our convention... and as many of you already's terrific! Sooo...come on & join the party!

* A 4 day / 3 night Complete Hotel Take-Over!

* A Wonderful New Immaculately Clean Hotel-- Just completed in 2007

* 15 Play Rooms & Hospitality Rooms

* For her Triumphant Return Engagement, the riotous musical comedy of Traci Kanan ---- The Dominatrix of Ditties.

* The Fabulous Sights and Sounds of ........ SEXY SEXY SUZY AND AMAZING MARK MAZE FROM TOMS TRIPS

* The World Famous DJ Rockin Ronny miami dj & dj for many national known shows- DJ Doc (formerly of Plato's Repeat in Miami)

* A Romantic Get-away with Your Partner.

* Great Entertainment.

* Expand Your Sensuality.

* Revitalize, Refresh, and Give Each Other the Gift of Exploring New Pleasures Together!

* Refrigerators, Microwaves, Hair Dryers, Coffee Makers & free in-room Wi-Fi computer access.

* Royce professional massage therapists on staff. Incredible 2 sensual erotic massage workshops.

* Hotel Computers available.

* Prof Photographer(photos by razz) for your Boudoir, XXX, & Dance Wear shots....especally at the Druid Ball.

* Playshops conducted by renowned experts including betty boop , Angela and Bryan from Tampa Bay Lifestylers, Art from
Nightmove Magazine, Judi and George, Sir Vic and Mistress Amanda and Sir Nor, Royce with the sensual massage playshops, Angye Fox from the Foxxxy Forum lifestyle Radio show, Joe Topless Travel, Walt and Deb(incredible seminars),Reverend Prudence Thayer(what a seminar, many comments on the in depth presentation)

* All hotel rooms open to an inside outside walkways.

* Free Hotel Parking

* A Great Group Playroom Suite

* A Sybian Room & a surprise machine for your pleasures

* A Saddle Room (very unusual.)

* Private rooms for couples to use

* A Dark Room

* Lazer light room

* A night time Massage Room for amateurs to try out their skills.

* Two of our Signature Amateur Group Massage Sensual Play Sessions.

* A Complimentary Good Hot Breakfast Each Day.

* Optional Daytime Playshops to Learn, Share, and Mix & Make Friends....workshops forthcoming from all over the Western Hemisphere.

* Relax by our hotel pool (legal bathing suits are required outside.)
* Our Famous Fabulous Saturday Banquet.

* CHOCOLATE DELIGHT Club Playroom for Chocolate Lovers.

* 3 BDSM Dungeons with the best Dungeon Masters in the entire universe.

* A Group Hypnosis Session for new and timid conventioneers by our Certified Hypnotherapist.

* A Security Staff, thoroughly briefed & oriented to the interests and etiquette of our lifestyle couples.

* A Nice Area of Town, Restaurants & Shopping Facilities with-in walking distance from our hotel.

* An easy, picturesque, 15-20 minute ride from Tampa International Airport (TPA.)

* The hotel is a non-smoking facility, but there are smoking balconies and patios available.
* A limited number of great vendors with excellent prices....and chances to win great prizes.

* Complimentary Late Night Pizza from .

* Complimentary Libations & incredible finger food-meatballs, chicken wings etc

* Complimentary Late Night Gourmet Coffee and Sweets from Dream Pleasure Tours.

* Two Tantra Playshops.

* Hedo II Pool Games & Pool Parties.

* Free Chances to win Big Prizes at our Saturday Night Drawings include:
Hedo II Negril, Jamaica Vacations,Desire Resort Vacation in Cancun Mexico

* 3 Kissimmee FL, Dixie's Splash Convention Party Packages

* 4 Couple's Year's Memberships to Trapeze (Ft. Lauderdale & Atlanta)--Value $200 each.

* A Couple's Year's Membership + 1 Night Full Access Admission to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa

* 2 Perfect Touch Massages with ROYCE FROM COUPLE CRUISE

* Surprise Prize Boxes, and more!

* And Prizes provided by Sandhills Couples Club!

* 2 Vacations for 2 at the Sea Mountain Resort in Palm Springs CA.

* Lifetime membership to Kasidie Social Site as seen on The Playboy Channel show, "Swing."

* 4 Lifetime Memberships to the Largest International Swingers' Site "Swingers Date Club"

* Lifetime Memberships to Tabu Lifestyle

* 4 Passes to North Carolina's Largest On-Premises Swing Club You Know Where

TBE 6 will be another sell out......and we don't want you to miss this party! please
Call us NOW!
that's ....... 1 (813) 293-7663

TBE accepts Mastercard, Visa or Discover. American Express
Refunds --- If you should need to cancel, the first $50 is non-refundable. After that, 100% of all other money that you have paid will be refunded if written notice is received by TBE, postmarked no later than June 10th, 2014. Written notice must be mailed to TBE. Call us for the address. When mailing, request a, "Return Receipt Service with Certified Mail" to get both proof of mailing and proof of delivery. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be made after June 17th, 2014. Also NO REFUNDS will be made if you do not show, or if you are ejected from TBE's Convention for any reason. TBE reserves the right to eject anyone for being disruptive, breaking the rules of the convention, or the hotel, or breaking the law. This policy has been posted on our website since TBE 1 in 2009.

You will NOT be charged until contacted by TBE

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Doc Bowers


Tampabayescapes 6 - Sign Up For 2 Queen Or King for $695

You will NOT be charged until contacted by TBE